with Easy Track

Setup for FTP Network Previews

First, open or print your PDF of our product guide to Easy Track which you downloaded from our FTP site. Please read the bottom half of page 2 and the top half of page 3. Next, pretend you are a Micrograms customer about to install the product version of one of our programs, and read the bottom of page 3. If you were using our actual product versions and made no changes to our default installation procedures, Easy Track and your programs would be connected on a single computer after installation.

After downloading your FTP materials, you have (presumably on a single computer) folders containing installed programs licensed to your school, and a setup folder for Easy Track; but, Easy Track is not yet installed, and the programs are not yet connected to Easy Track.

We suggest your first action should be to install Easy Track on your "single" computer. When you do so, it will be connected to the Micrograms Data Folder (which will be located inside the Easy Track program folder). You will have a small sample class with two students. Install by doubleclicking on the SETUP.EXE file in the Easy Track program folder. Where you put the program on your machine is up to you.

Your second action should be to connect your preview programs to the Micrograms Data Folder (on your "single" machine). Open a preview program (by clicking on its main executable file inside its program folder), go to File on the Menu Bar of the program and select Data Location Set Up... A navigation window then opens. Navigate from where it opens, to the inside of the Micrograms Data Folder, wherever it is on your machine. Click Open on Windows or Choose on OS X to connect the program with the Micrograms Data Folder. Similarly, connect the other previews you may have.

We suggest that you explore your preview programs and Easy Track for a while on your single machine. You can even import or type in class lists at this stage if you wish. (See the Easy Track Guide, pp. 5-6.)

When you are ready, and remembering that you did not do default installations of your preview programs, read the bottom of page 9 and the top of page 10 of our product guide to Easy Track for info on how to move the programs and Easy Track to the server. It should sound familiar, since the procedures are about the same as what you have already done on your individual machine.

One more point, there is no client side to our programs. Everything our programs need to run (except fonts) is inside the program's folder. So shortcuts or aliases to the program's main executable (in the program's folder on the server) will do the job. On the other hand, if you want a complete copy of the program on each workstation, you can do that too. Only the Micrograms Data Folder really needs to be at a share point on the server in order for the network features of the Easy Track Management System to function.

Setup for FTP Network Previews