Easy Track

The latest Windows and Mac versions of Easy Track are available here
for free download.

These files do not run by themselves; and they do not overwrite your existing student data and the "Data Location Setup" setting for Easy Track itself. Place the appropriate version inside your Easy Track program folder to replace the similar file already there (after renaming the similar file "Old"). (Note: unzip the Mac version before placing it in the folder.) Then, your current, installed version of Easy Track will be updated to the latest version.

Easy Track (Windows Version 3.45) (348K) (11-1-11)
Easy Track (Mac OS X Version 3.15 zip) (152K) (1-3-11)

Please check this page occasionally for further updates containing additional Easy Track refinements or new Easy Track features.

PDFs with helpful information about previewing and Easy Track .

Preview Guide

Quick Start

Easy Track Guide

Help Page for using Easy Track with FTP network previews.

Setup for FTP Network Previews